What is a Laboratory Report?

You will be given a task.  The task is to add a substance we have researched in class to your ecocolumn.  I t may be an acid solution, fertilizer, salt solution, or one that your teacher has okayed.  You are to perform the experiment over a three week period and write a lab report.  This page is to help define a lab report.


Parts of a lab report:



Identify the problem:

Determine the problems you are to examine in the experiment.  It could be " Will using a solution of acid and water make plants grow?"



The Hypothesis is the thing which your experiment is testing.  It is usually worded as the effect of one thing on another thing. This how simple it is to create a hypothesis:

State the answer to the problem you identified.  example"  Using a solution of acid and water will make the plants grow.



This is a list of the materials that you used.  You are writing this report so someone can recreate your report.  you must be detailed.  What is the size of the beaker?  What is the % of acid to water in your solution?



        rye grass seed

         light source



This is a list of the steps that you used each time you experimented on your ecocolumn. You are to write these steps the same way that you find on a brownie mix.



 1.  Add 35 drops of the acid solution to the terrarium of your ecocolumn.  Spread droplets evenly over the terrain.

2.  Measure the pH of the soil.  Place the pH tape 1/2 inch in to the soil in the middle of the column.

3.  Use a ruler to measure the length of the grass, alfalfa, and mustard.



Now you need to record the results of your task in a table or a chart.  Include a title, labels, headings, and unit on your chart.  If you make the table in a spread sheet, you can easily make a chart from the data. 


Interpret your Results: 

Write a paragraph explaining the results of your experiment.  You need to compare your results to the control group.  What rends do you see in your data table that are different to you experiment.  Why are these trends important?



Write a concluding paragraph comparing your results of you experiment to your hypothesis. 

Do your results support your hypothesis?



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